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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting
Website success is the natural consequence of in-depth planning, research and knowledge.

Whether the goals of the firm or organization you represent are making sales and profit, spread the word of your message, reinforce the stregth of your brand or anything else, planning is crucial to succeed.

We are also a company with specific goals, therefore we know that there are not alternate methods to develop strategic recommendations but to invest the time required to listen our clients and learn about their business.

WEBstationONE's strategic web planning & consulting services will maximize your investment and will translate into both, a bigger ROI and a faster time to achieve it.

We've been planning websites since 1996. Our knowledge and experience often result in faster development times, increased website performance and usability, and more successful websites.

WEBstationONE's team will work closely with you to design an strategy towards your website success, including:

  • Definition of goals & objectives (short and long-term)
  • Profiling your audience
  • Competition research and evaluation
  • Developing site navigational map / site outline (Concept Design)
  • Guidelining & developing site content
  • Choice of appropiate technology
  • Designing short and long term web marketing plans
  • Designing strategies to convert visitors into leads

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